This is the first book review post that I write and I hope it's only the first of many. Those who follow my blog will see that I have made a couple of changes so I hope you like. I'm trying to improve the blog, so I've added more categories.

Well, to begin with #GIRLBOSS is a book that I wanted to read for a while; The truth of the only thing that I regret is not to have bought it before.

As soon as I started reading it, I couldn't leave it for a second.

I'm sure many of you have already heard about Sophia Amoruso and especially about #GIRLBOSS. Unfortunately NETFLIX decided to cancel the serie.

But, what is a #Girlboss?

According to the same Sophia quotes in her book ...

"#GIRLBOSS is someone who's in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it. As a #GIRLBOSS, you take control and accept responsibility. You're a fighter - you know when to throw punches and when to roll with them, but always on your own terms. You know where you're going, but you can not do it without having some fun along the way. You value honesty over perfection. You ask questions. You take your life seriously. You're going to take over the world, and change it in the process. You're a badass "- from #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

As Sophia herself says. She went from being a broke, anarchist "freegan" dead set on smashing the system to being a millionaire businesswoman.

"GIRLBOSS" Tells us the story behind all NASTY GAL success in the funniest way possible.

In this book she writes about her life experiences and how she began her career as a clothing saleswoman; Also shares some tips on how to start your own business. And it tells part of his life in a very particular way.

It tells the story of a young Sophia who lives in San Francisco and goes from work to work seeking her true vocation, because she doesn't want to work again. This is how she decides to auction fashion articles on Ebay resulting in a great success. And finally finds her true passion. Nasty Gal came to bill $ 100 million and had 300 employees. And it all started with her reselling second-hand clothes.

“The energy you’ll expend focusing on someone else’s life is better spent working on your own. Just be your own idol.”








So girls are looking for inspiration, this is definitely the guide that everyone needs to start their goals.

I highly recommend this book.

What I liked the most is that it's a very real experience, that success is like a roller coaster always has its ups and downs. And as hard as it may be, it's better to start than to live with the feeling of never having started.

So leave your fears or doubts and never stop dreaming big. Sophia had a very long way to reach her success, so life is always crazy and we never know where we are going to stop.