Why it's so hard to let go?

Why do we cling so much to things?


Sometimes it is a thousand times better to let go than to cling to something to the point of hurting ourselves.

I think we've all been through something like that, even me. We all have someone for whom we would have given everything. But no matter how hard we tried, our efforts were never enough.

We passed around in our heads, torturing ourselves, making theories, that if we had just done everything differently perhaps things would not have turned out the way they did.

We blame us for the turn that took everything.

Maybe you think, is that she doesn't know what it feels or maybe it is that she forgets quickly and does not attach much importance to things. But it's not like that.

I know you expect things to change, that person will change. I know you're hoping this is all in your head, but eventually, you're going to have to come to the conclusion that the best thing for you is to let it go.

Maybe you had a lot of disappointments in the past just like me, and you thought he would be "the one", you know that person that you would realize why he never worked with anyone else. It wasn't. I wasn't even close to being.

You wonder if that person thinks of you as you do.

I know you'd like him to pick up the phone and write just to hear from you. I know you want to hear his voice and have him around.

When someone really loves you; seeks you, writes you, calls you, does everything possible to be with you and does not make excuses.

I know how it's feel when something doesn't work.

But don't justify it.

Don't apologize for it, just let it go.

You don't need anyone who doesn't want to be in your life.

I also know what it is to look at old photos, text messages and feel bad about what did not happen and what could have happened, and it is sad and it hurts. But at some point you decide to delete all the memories, you start to delete all the messages and images and you will feel good after a long time.

If he left, or you decided that it was time to let him go, it means that he simply was not for you.

If something hurts you let it go.

If you're trying to make it work, let it go.

Sometimes we have the belief that love is something so complicated. But a friend once told me that it isn't like that, that things are simple, but it is we who complicate them.

You deserve someone who fights for you every day, look no further. Do not let someone who is not worth break your heart.

It's not going to be easy to let it go, it's never easy.

Never settle, life is short to hold on to someone who does not make you happy.

But think that there is a person waiting for you, a person who will make you happy like no other person has, and for that person will be their everything and never want to leave.


With all the love in the world,