In these things of love nobody is expert and it is worth making mistakes.

1. Take the initiative.
And this applies to girls, sometimes we believe the typical stereotype that boys should do everything. But if you really like someone you can also take the first step, sometimes the men are very slow, dare to talk to him first, to tell him, make him notice that you like, and so maybe he encourages to invite you out.


2. Make your own decisions.
Asking for advice never hurts; It's normal, we all do. But always remember that to the end does not matter the decision you take for good or bad depends only on you and no one else.


3. Don't be afraid.
Sometimes we don't give ourselves the opportunity because we are afraid of repeating the same thing as in other past relationships.
Not because it has not worked with someone means that it does not work with another person, remember that we are all different.
So if it does not work with someone you can try again.


4. It means no.
Some time ago a friend introduced me to someone who was interested in me and we talked but I did not feel the same way about him. The problem is that it made me ugly to reject it, but sometimes it's better to say not for you and for the other person.
So if you do not want to date someone just say no.


5. Don't pretend to be someone else.
I think everyone at some point in our lives has pretended to be someone who is not just to impress the person we like. But you must let them fall in love with you for what you are and how you are, not for what you pretend to be.


6. Don't hold back.
The basis of everything is always the communication and this is important from day one. If someone really attracts you, show it to them, do not hide your emotions. Be kind and let her know that you enjoy her company.


7. Take your time.
They say that the best things are slow to arrive because they take their time. And it's true, so enjoy every moment of your life. If you are alone do not stress, enjoy your time and live every moment.


8. You are always your first.
Everything starts with you, self-love is always the most important. If you really love yourself you will always want the best and you will never seek anything less. So evaluate yourself and you will know what is best for you.


With all the love in the world,