Good morning sweeties hope you had the best weekend ever. Too bad it's over and it's already Monday *eyes rolling forever*. To be 100% honest, the week would be much easier without Monday don't you think so? Obviously that's not possible

As much as I would love to be the kind of person that when Monday morning arrives is prepared and yet organized, but I'm not. I'm the living example of always arriving late to classes on Mondays because I fall asleep.

As a girl who studies, obviously Mondays for me are "horrible" starting because I have to wake up early. Although the best thing for me is that is the perfect excuse to go for a well-loaded coffee and start with all the energy we need.

Mondays are the perfect days to start from scratch. Take the Mondays to create and propose new things, plus you have the whole week to be able to achieve them.

Many times Monday mornings have that mood of being chaotic because we are always on the run. For example I wake up I check my cellphone and I realize that it is late and I have to run. I have to get ready to go to class, see what else I have to do in the day, write some new post...

So sometimes we should take only 5 minutes a day to set up a routine in the morning to make our day the best. Creating a routine in which you start your day with positive thoughts can bring a great impact to our lives.

So it's a good idea to remember that:

- We must thank for everything.

- It's a new day, and everything is possible.

- Today you can start a new chapter in your life and close another that you don't like so much.

- You're destined to have an incredible life.

- Tomorrow will depend on what you do for you today.

- Your dreams are bigger than your fears

- Happiness depends on you and no one else.

- You must be patient.

- You're capable of doing everything that you propose.

At the end remember that everything is about attitude and this is not a secret, making a day good or bad depends only on you and what perspective you give to things. Mondays count as a day out of the 7 that have the week so don't waste them.

With all the love in the world,