Can you believe we are almost half way through the year? WOAHHH!!

Now, I have an important question. Sincerely, how many of you have met your year-end goals? Surely not many and I include myself.

Setting goals is super simple, but meeting them is a bit complicated.

We all have dreams in life, but we do not always do what is necessary to fulfill them. We start the year with all the positive vibes to achieve what we want but then we are stuck, what happens is that we realize how tedious it is, because it is usually a difficult process and even boring.

But there is always an exception, right?
I think we just need a little push, to realize that we can achieve what we set out to do, as long as we feel like it.


Start for something small. Only one goal is necessary to start, this is where most fail.
You need to know what it is you want and need and set a purpose. Make a short list of your goals in order of importance, choose one and focus only on that; When you finish, continue with the next one.


CHOOSE A DATE                                                                                                                                 How long do you think you will fulfill it? Maybe a week, a month or maybe a year. If you want a realistic goal you have to work on it and nothing that is good is done overnight, everything takes its time.


The next question is, how do I accomplish my goal? What steps should I follow and what changes should I make in my life to achieve my goal? This plan may be changing along the way, but you will always know where to start.


The fourth and last step is to always keep your goal in mind. It is easy to forget to fulfill your goals, because this process is usually long and takes a lot of work. So the most important thing is that you are constant in it, in a journal write what you have been doing and how you are advancing. Believe me, it will make you easier, if you see that your plan is progressing.