What's the worst that could happen?

This is a recurring thought I have had lately.


Have you ever thought about how much we stopped doing for fear?


One of the best * life advices * that my mom has given to me is that we only regrets two things in life: the things we do and the things we don't.


As simple as that.


We are always at the age of being left with the fault and not with the desire.

It's better a no, than a what if... o try something because the fear of failure was greater.


Life is about taking risks and living it freely.


We have so many things we want to do, so many projects in mind but we are afraid to take action on them.


The fact that you are not there should be enough motivation to start working on that.


They say that we are more afraid of success than of failure.


For some reason we feel "comfortable" with failure. Because we all want to be in comfort with the things we live daily. And in that false comfort that we feel, we are stuck right where we are.


Because that's exactly what makes us successful, scares us.


If I tell you a secret I was very anxious about this blog. I had already started it, I had written down a thousand ideas, but I always stopped by doubts, will it work? Will people like it?  Will succeed? ... There are many negative thoughts that pass through us heads in times like these.


I had been working on the idea of he blog since January, but I always put an excuse to put it off. Never wait 100% to be ready, because you never will.


In this life there is no manual that tells you exactly what you should do in every opportunity that comes along, so take the benefit of doubt and take the risk.


Take to live.

Take action to make decisions.

Take courage to be afraid.

Take your time to doubt.

Take action.

Get out of your comfort zone.


Life is for those who take risks and those who don't just stand there and watch as others do. If you don't dare you will lose the magic that gives us life to be spontaneous.


To leave the soul and sincerate yourself in a post like these and let people be able to judge you by your thoughts is not easy.


But I knew it would be worse to let the fear of not try something stop my dreams. The changes in your life are small opportunities to grow.


So believe me that the first step starts with you.

And it is the most difficult of all and is to begin.

You put your own limits.


With all the love in the world,